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10 Excel Tips and Tricks which are Incredibly Easy, Quick & Handy:

  • Automatically SUM () with Alt + =: Did you know you could add an entire row or column by simply clicking the first empty cell? Click, press ALT + ‘=’ and simply add up the numbers in every above cell.
  • Number Formatting Keyboard Shortcuts format: There is a true logic behind the keyboard shortcuts, which otherwise seem random to you. For example, to format a number as a currency you have to use the keyboard shortcut CTRL + SHIFT + 4. It may seem random to you, but SHIFT + 4 gives you a $ sign. So if you want to format a currency, you simply put CTRL + $. You can do the same with formatting a number as percent
  • CTRL + ‘ to display formulas: While in the process of misbehaving troubleshooting numbers, have a go at the formulas first. See the formula used in the cell by simply hitting the two keys: Ctrl + ‘ (also called the acute accent key) which is the furthest to left on the row with number keys. It is tilde (~) when you press shift.
  • Go directly to the Start and End of Column Keyboard: Sometimes, data sets are bottomless pits. You could scroll till the end of eternity or use the shortcut CTRL + down arrow to jump down the last filled cell or vice-versa.
  • Repeat the same formula for multiple cells: Typing the same formula for all cells, No! First you need to create the formula in the first cell, and then take the cursor to the right lower corner of the cell. See the cursor turning into plus? Now simply double click to copy the formula and drag it on the rest of cells in the column. Bingo, problem solved!
  • Delete/Add columns keyboard shortcut: It takes you all day to manage columns and rows in your spreadsheet. Here’s how you save a little time: Press CTRL + minus and it will delete the column you have placed your cursor on and CHTRL + Shift will add a new column.
  • Adjusting width of column(s): There’s a way to get rid of those useless #### entries. Simply click on the column header and move it on to the right side. Double click when the cursor becomes a plus sign and your work is done.
  • Copying a number or date pattern: This one is damn easy! Enter the information in two rows to establish the pattern. Highlight those and drag your cursor down to the number till which you want your cells to fill up respectively. This will work with numbers, dates and months.
  • Tab between worksheets: So cross-checking different worksheets every time means you have to touch the mouse and all that. Why don’t you simply enter CTRL + PGDN and if you want to go reverse type CTRL + PGUP.
  • Double clicking format painter: With a simple mouse click, you can now duplicate a format in other cells with only a click. Many excel users use it by double clicking on the format painter to copy the format into multiple cells. Yay!

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