How to Buy Ethereum 2023 for Beginners

One of the best cryptocurrencies after Bitcoin is Ethereum or Ether (ETH).

The digital currency or token founded by Russian youth Vitalik Buterin has continued to record positive performance in recent years.

This can be reflected in the very significant increase in the price of Ethereum.

Recorded throughout 2021, the price of Ethereum soared by more than 400 percent.

This also makes Indonesian investors find out how to buy Ethereum in 2023.

Ethereum Buying Guide

It is not difficult to earn Ethereum. You only need to do three stages to be able to invest or buy the ETH cryptocurrency, which is as follows:

  1. First, register with a crypto exchange company. The company is almost similar to a broker, which will facilitate investors to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. However, you can also buy ETH on multi-asset and CFD platforms.
  2. The second stage, after registering, you have to make an initial deposit (deposit).
  3. Finally, just buy Ethereum on the platform provided by the crypto exchange.

As already explained, crypto exchanges are like brokers that bridge market participants to make buying and selling transactions of crypto assets.

Since its role is vital, it is important that you choose the best broker. There are two best broker recommendations with international standards, namely (1) eToro and (2) Capital.

Basically, the two brokers not only provide cryptocurrency facilities, but also provide various other financial assets.

Thus, in just one platform, you can buy and invest in different types of financial instruments.

Of course this is very interesting because you don’t have to bother signing up to various brokers just to invest in different instruments.

Through eToro and Capital, you can even invest in shares in world-class companies, such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and Tesla.

In addition, you can also diversify your portfolio by buying collective contract mutual funds (ETFs), commodities, foreign exchanges, and other assets.

eToro and Capital provide website platforms and mobile application platforms for investors.

Investing through a website platform requires a VPN because overseas websites are usually blocked by Kominfo due to coverage issues, or you can set up DNS (recommended).

For more details, here’s a guide and how to buy Ethereum (ETH) through the Capital web platform.


The steps or how to buy Ethereum (ETH) crypto coins online at Capital are as follows:

a. Register on the Capital web platform:

  1. Activate the VPN or recommended for Cloudflare DNS set up: go to the control panel section > click view network status and tasks > select connections > click properties > select internet protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4) > click properties > click use the following DNS server addresses > look in the preferred DNS server section, you fill it with > last click ok.
  2. Visit Capital’s website
  3. Create an account, please fill in your email and password, and click continue.
  4. Complete your account profile along with supporting documents (ID card and selfie).
  5. Verify your email.

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b. How to deposit in Capital

After having an account, you just need to make a deposit to buy ETH immediately, here’s how:

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Select deposit funds into the account.
  3. Choose a deposit payment method > select via online banking.
  4. Deposit a minimum of $20, then click continue, and the Global Payment Solution page appears.
  5. Choose the bank transfer method (virtual account) with CIMB Niaga. Then click proceed.
  6. The IDR Deposit Virtual Account information will appear. We will complete the deposit process with BCA mobile banking
  7. Follow the instructions provided. Make sure the nominal is in accordance with the provisions, for example, a deposit of $20 at that time is equivalent to IDR 306,436. After completing the transfer to the requested account, you just need to confirm the payment by clicking “I Have Paid.”
  8. In less than 5 minutes, the funds will arrive in your Capital account.

c. How to buy ETH in Capital

After depositing, you can immediately invest in Ethereum. Here’s how to buy ETH on

  1. First, log in to your Capital account.
  2. Secondly, select the Trade menu, or search in the search menu: type Ethereum
  3. Then Ethereum / USD will appear, then click buy. You can also take a Sell position if you predict the price of ETH will fall. This is because the Capital platform uses a CFD trading system, meaning you can trade from two directions: both for rising and falling prices. The concept is almost the same as trading in crypto futures.

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